Working With A Model

My first shoot I have worked on with a model, after years of wanting to do this, and never getting round to it due to other work commitments and paid shoots coming up , these always take priority over personal shoots, but I feel that this may be time to change, as I got to […]

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Self Portraits

Self Portraits…… These are something I have always wanted to be able to shoot and shoot well, but I struggle from the main cause why people do not do this, confidence…….. I am behind the camera for a reason, it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I have attempted to shoot a self portrait on […]

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To Keep A Journal

Day 5 of my photography challenge. I have come across an old rustic pocket sized book that I have found in a compartment of my bed, completely untouched and unused.  I am now currently deciding what to do with it….. I can not decide if I want to keep it as a travel diary, to […]

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As photographers all know, weddings are something your need to go into with confidence, but will always have that slight bit of worry in the back of your mind, what if my camera becomes faulty? What do I do if I miss that all important shot? It isn’t a type of day where you can ask […]

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Shorne Woods.

Who doesn’t like an area surrounded by trees and wildlife?  Who doesn’t appreciate getting away and forgetting everything just for a brief moment in time?  Well…. This is my go to place whenever I need to get away, acres and acres of forests, walk ways, and beautiful scenery, it’s a place to get your hiking boots […]

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The Start Of Something New.

So….. Here is the start of my blogging, a long off put journey that I dreaded beginning, however over time, have found myself wanting to write about my days, logging the memories in form of writing and photos. I have thought about what kind of blog I wanted to make it, whether to make it […]

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