The Start Of Something New.

So….. Here is the start of my blogging, a long off put journey that I dreaded beginning, however over time, have found myself wanting to write about my days, logging the memories in form of writing and photos.

I have thought about what kind of blog I wanted to make it, whether to make it either a personal diary, work related, or just for fun, but why not incorporate a part of everything?  let everyone have an insight into my life and work, as we all know how the internet likes to delve deep into personal lives.

An introduction to who I am, my name is Daniel and I was born and raised in the garden of England, in the sunny south east of the UK, the county of Kent, which was once surrounded by fields and countryside, and now is slowly being engulfed in industrial sites and towers of four blank sided new build houses……..but, still has lots of countryside left to visit and explore, these are the places I want to spend my days, camera in hand, capturing the views of what I love.

I have started a 365 day photography challenge, to push myself to use my camera more, as I felt myself slowly slipping away from what I love doing, I needed this push, I needed this challenge, and since accepting that this is what I want to do, I have already photographed a wedding, shot some portraits for an old actor friend of mine, and had a walk around one of the more beautiful sides of the country side, a woodland area called Shorne Woods, which my next blog will be about.

I am hoping to add to this blog as much as I can, I apologise if things are bit slow while I adapt to the site and how it works, but I do aim to have a new post within a week.

I am in no way a writer, nor experienced in the more intricate forms of the English language, but who knows, while exploring the new blogging side of social media, improving my knowledge and skills in photography, I could even grow stronger with literature.

Looking forward to the start of something new…….



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