Shorne Woods.

Who doesn’t like an area surrounded by trees and wildlife?  Who doesn’t appreciate getting away and forgetting everything just for a brief moment in time?  Well…. This is my go to place whenever I need to get away, acres and acres of forests, walk ways, and beautiful scenery, it’s a place to get your hiking boots on and escape into nature.

I have spent many days here, at different times of the year during different weathers and each time finding it new and breathtaking, for this blog I am going to focus on my last visit which I will include a few photos taken while there.

Me and my girlfriend Jess planned visiting Shorne Woods on the Saturday just passed, it rained the Friday and forecast gave out rain and cloudy, but I m one to never trust the weather forecast, more of a get up and look out the window sort of person.  Making sure my camera had a freshly formatted memory card and a full battery we set off on our car drive, on our way down, the clouds started to clear and the sun started to break through, which made me more eager to get there sooner to start taking photos.

As we turned up, we are greeted by the large wooden building where if you fancy you can stop off for food and drink, but I just want to get going, so we set off on the red route trail which is classed as the intermediate option, I was mainly wanting to shots of long straight trails of tall trees either side, but considering the amount of times I have been here, forget that this is not what Shorne Woods is like, it is more enclosed in areas, some places looking like it was taken straight out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, which is never a bad thing in my eyes.

On our treck around the woods, stopping occasionally to get some photos, sun shining down, we got half way round and decided to take a seat under a tree in the shade and appreciate what was around us, having a browse through the photos that I have taken, I am always very critical of my work and have a hard time trying to decide on ones to keep and ones to work on, I seem to take numerous amounts of the same photo hoping to capture one that stands out more than the other.

We set off again, this time not taking as many photos but just enjoying the walk around the woodland, all in all an easy day with a pleasant walk, and a
highly recommended place for anyone wanting to visit.

Thank you for reading…..

Just a heads up for my next blog, I am going to talk about my experience shooting weddings! Keep an eye out for that……….



Please click on the photos to see in full and in a slide show, thought they looked pretty cool in the circles




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