As photographers all know, weddings are something your need to go into with confidence, but will always have that slight bit of worry in the back of your mind, what if my camera becomes faulty? What do I do if I miss that all important shot? It isn’t a type of day where you can ask them to redo it…..

I haven’t done many weddings, but the ones I have done, I have worried about it but when the day comes, photographer mode activates and I seem to go into autopilot and know what I am doing, I have never had any bad feedback which I suppose I can take as a positive note.

It may be the most basic advice in history, but my advise is, don’t get worked up and just enjoy the day, after all it is a day filled with positivity and happiness, travelling and getting to astonishing venues and you feel a bond taking photos with complete strangers and I have always felt welcome.

Their are usually types of photos people prefer taking at weddings, I personally enjoy taking all background photos, the cake, the venue, the seating plan, anything quirky attracts my eye, I do feel that weddings need that quirkiness to make them more memorable, not saying anything is wrong with a traditional wedding, it is just something that I prefer, being a big fan of Wes Anderson films and his style is probably where I get this influence and inspiration.

I would think where some photographers start to panic is when the first dance comes, everywhere online says something different about what you should do, push your ISO on your camera and don’t use flash, where others like the harshness that the flash gives, I personally don’t mind having a grainy photo, I feel it can add character to the shot, but ultimately it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, even though you are shooting a wedding, you should shoot in a style that makes you feel comfortable, to what expresses you as an artist, without getting too deep, every photographer is an artist in their own way and no photography is bad photography.

I am going to share some of my favourite photos that I have taken from weddings below, feel free to have a look and leave some feedback, looking to connect with other bloggers on here so will always appreciate a comment.

Feel pretty good about this blogging already, second post this evening!

Thanks again everyone for reading, anything you would like me to check out I am more than happy to have a look.



7 thoughts on “Weddings.

      1. That’s what I mentioned it is like, you get this fear, but it just becomes natural and will pass, it is always a good idea to start with a friends or family members wedding, or ask another wedding photographer to tag along and be a helper


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