To Keep A Journal

Day 5 of my photography challenge.

I have come across an old rustic pocket sized book that I have found in a compartment of my bed, completely untouched and unused.  I am now currently deciding what to do with it…..

I can not decide if I want to keep it as a travel diary, to write destinations of places around the world to visit then once I have been, print and put a photo in, note taken that it would take forever to fill.

To keep it as a diary, write personal thoughts and ideas in about….. well normal diary things really.

Just have it as a photo book, to drown it in photos of all my memories.

What would you use a book like this for? Any ideas to send my way?



5 thoughts on “To Keep A Journal

  1. Take a photo everday or everyweek until its filled up of something that made you smile/caught your eye/looked beautiful. Thats what I would do if I had any form of camera skills 🙂 really enjoying your blog!

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