Self Portraits

Self Portraits……

These are something I have always wanted to be able to shoot and shoot well, but I struggle from the main cause why people do not do this, confidence…….. I am behind the camera for a reason, it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.

I have attempted to shoot a self portrait on several occasions, and never once I have been successful in capturing an image that I am happy of using, I suppose this is why I am writing this blog, to try and gather some advise on ways that you have taken a self portrait? What techniques do you use etc etc?

In no way am I not confident, I have toured the country in my old band, jumped and pranced around on stage like a imbecile and loved every minute of it, been in front of the camera loads, I am not afraid to talk to new people or go new places, but when it comes to taking a photo of myself, I seem to struggle.

I do believe that taking a self portrait is important for a photographer to be able to do, I believe that it shows that are comfortable doing what they are doing, I know it takes great skill to be able to take a professional looking photo of yourself, by yourself.  It is something that I am hoping to master.

At the moment I am having to set focus, set the timer, and run in spot, but I know this is not practical and why my shots my not be coming out the way I want, I am looking into getting a wireless trigger which I know would make it a lot easier, and will allow me to venture out more and be more creative with my shots, maybe this is what I need to be able to achieve the shots I want.

The photo I have used for this was quickly taken this evening and am going to use it for my day 6 of the photography challenge.

In other news also, I have got a shoot with a model Emily on Saturday, we have been planning on doing a shoot now for longer than what I can remember but other work related matters have intervened and got in the way, I am a huge fan of wanderlust style photography and I would love to take whimsical, magical looking photos, so we are trying to combine this shoot with this style, blending in a bit of seasonal love from Autumn which is on its way, I will be writing a blog about this and uploading photos after the shoot is done.

Keep an eye out for that,



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