Working With A Model

My first shoot I have worked on with a model, after years of wanting to do this, and never getting round to it due to other work commitments and paid shoots coming up , these always take priority over personal shoots, but I feel that this may be time to change, as I got to express myself more and photograph the images I want to, and I achieved the look in photography that I have been wanting to get, I would like to be seen as a photographer who people can come to for inspiration, to look at my work and think, I would love to shoot like they do, but that is the dream isn’t it?

I have known the model Emily for quite some time now, but never got round to arranging a date for a shoot due to the reasons mentioned above, but since starting this blog and the photography challenge, it has gave me the push to do the things I want in photography finally, to go out, work with models and artists to achieve an out come that I am happy with, with these positive thoughts, I contacted Emily and arranged a date for a shoot, we thought of a theme and a location, and waited for the day to come discussing ideas until that day.

The location we decided on was a woodland (you can probably tell already my obsession with woodland areas) called West Wood near Cheriton in Kent, a wood that for some reason is hard to find any information on, it is a really natural woodland, nothing has been changed, very different compared to Shorne Woods, some places there isn’t a pathway and you have to find your own ways round which adds to the adventure.

We had a walk around, looking for anything interesting, anything that stood out that we could use to our advantage to make a better photo, this woodland was full of things like this, we also managed to find one lone fox glove flower which luckily was Emily’s favourite so we had to take a photo with this.

Overall a very interested place for a shoot, tall trees, light breaking through sky of leaves, creating interesting and appealing shadows, and such a great environment, again a highly recommended place to stop by, for anyone interested the post code is CT4 6DP.

Please check out the photos below from the shoot

Thanks again everyone



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